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Welcome to our first website! please report any bugs for us to fix

Mr Aqua Ceramic Rings Small 5L - 12mm Noodles

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Mr Aqua Porous Ceramic Rings Small 5 Litre - Noodles

Mr Aqua's range of highly porous ceramic rings is an ideal filter medium for biological filtration. The Porous Ceramic rings can be used for Pressurised Canister Filters, Hang on Filters, Internal Filters and Wet/Dry Filters just to name a few. It is suitable for both freshwater aquariums, ponds and saltwater aquariums. Will not affect pH levels

Mr Aqua is a quality filter media specially manufactured to be extremely porous. It is subjected to extremely high temperatures which create thousands of tunnels through it. These tunnels provide a surface area up to 600m2 per litre it's ideal for the cultivation of beneficial bacteria to aid in the break down of waste produced by fish kept in an aquarium.

Pollutants like Ammonia and Nitrite are broken down and converted into Nitrate which is less toxic to your fishy friends and is easily removed with regular water changes.

Porous Filter Media
Surface area up to 600m2 per litre
Can be used in most filters
Perfect for colonising nitrifying bacteria
Includes 5 x netting bags