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Welcome to our first website! please report any bugs for us to fix

Blue Chromis (Chromis cyanea)

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The Blue Chromis is a member of the damselfishes and given their hardy nature they can be a good choice for a saltwater beginner. In fact, many hobbyists use the Blue Chromis to cycle new tanks. This is not recommended and there are much better ways to cycle a new tank these days with the use of live rock in saltwater aquariums. They need to be in small schools (shoals) of 6 or more and are a very active fish. They are a brilliant blue color with a black outline along the bottom of the dorsal fin and around the caudal fin. Blue Chromis should do well in most tank setups, but you don't want to keep them with overly aggressive tank mates or fish large enough to eat them. Keep them in a small school and they should do fine. You may notice a pecking order develop among the school and that is normal behavior. The Blue Chromis is sometimes sold as a "dither fish" because it is out in the open so much and it makes the shy fish in your tank more at ease. They eat zooplankton on the reef and will accept most types of marine fish food including frozen, freeze dried, vitamin enriched flakes and live foods. Give them a variety of foods for optimal coloration.